Fix “headers already sent” PHP Error


Fix “headers already sent” PHP Error: In some cases of 500 error's you can see the following error from the Apache logs, PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already [...]

Fix “headers already sent” PHP Error2020-11-26T12:46:48+00:00

Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu


Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu: In most production servers the phpMyAdmin is an important utility, we can install and configure phpMyAdmin on your server. Here through the below steps we are explaining to Install [...]

Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu2020-11-26T12:48:14+00:00

Install MongoDB cPanel server


Install MongoDB cPanel server: You can install MongoDB on your cPanel server by following the steps below, Step 1. MongoDB can be installed from  its own Repo. For creating the repo, vi /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb.repo in this [...]

Install MongoDB cPanel server2020-11-26T12:48:19+00:00


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