How to setup LAMP server on CentOS


How to setup LAMP server on CentOS LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These are the packages we use for hosting a website or in other words this [...]

How to setup LAMP server on CentOS2020-11-21T10:48:27+00:00

Cloudlinux multiple PHP Versions


Cloudlinux multiple PHP Versions By default, the cPanel has its own MultiPHP Manager to manage PHP version for a domain. for changing the domain's PHP from managing by MultiPHP Manager [...]

Cloudlinux multiple PHP Versions2020-11-28T07:16:15+00:00

Install cageFS on cPanel


Install cageFS on cPanel CageFs is a virtualized file system that limits each user within his own cage. each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS and encapsulates each [...]

Install cageFS on cPanel2020-11-28T06:37:26+00:00


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