How to configure email account on Thunderbird:


You can simply configure email accounts on the Thunderbird email client. For that follow the steps mentioned below,

Step 1.

At first you need to go to Thunderbird, once it is opened go to the Edit option in menu. After that open Account Settings option.

Step 2.

Now it will open in a new window. For adding a new email account, you need to choose Add Mail Account from the Account Actions tab.

Step 3.

Here you need to specify a name for your email account and this will display on your outgoing emails. After that enter your email account that needs to be configured along with the password of the account.

Step 4.

While you finished the above step, the Thunderbird application will fetch your email account and login to your account. Also it will now able to fetch emails from the account that yo have configured.

Step 5.

Now click on the Edit button.

Step 6.

You can see the field username while clicking the edit button, now change the field to your email address.

Step 7.

Now you can setup incoming and outgoing ports. This can be set according to your requirements. IMAP port is 143 and POP3 port is 110.

Step 8.

For setting the outgoing server you can don’t forget to replace the field  “ ” with your domain. Also the SMTP uses port 25.

Step 9.

Once completed the configuration, you can test if it is working using the test-configuration option. If it is alright it will show a green light.

Step 10.

If it is configured properly without any errors, click on create button and it’s done.

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