How to enable spamassasin and configure it:

You can simply enable spamassasin from cPanel itself. For that go to,

Home >> Mail >> Spam Assassin

Then simply click the Enable SpamAssassin button on the SpamAssassin home screen.

Now SpamAssassin will be enabled for your account.

Once you configured a score limit on SpamAssassin then it will scan all the emails for getting the score. If it finds that the score exceeds the value that we have already set then it will delete the email. So this program will helps a lot to avoid getting spam emails. You can make manual settings to Auto-Delete Spam using the settings below Filter tab. Also you will be able to disable this Auto-Delete Spam option by choosing Disable Auto-Delete Spam tab.

Configure SpamAssassin:

For configuring SpamAssassin you need to choose the option Configure SpamAssassin, you will be able to enter the email accounts that need to configure SpamAssassin on this window. Also you can provide the score for the email account for each of the accounts.

After the configuration completes, SpamAssassin will filter all the emails and get scores. It will take action for the emails that matches the score that we have configured. The common spam settings is 5.0.

If you need our help to fix the issue with incoming/outgoing spam from your server. Please feel free to contact us, simply email to [email protected]

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