Eximstats creating high load on MySQL

Eximstats MySQL database stores statistical information of email delivery by Exim mail service. If the server has high email activity, this database can grow big taking up a lot of disk space and overloading MySQL service and which may crash the Mysql. We can see the crash errors being reported in the MySQL error log file thus degrading the performance of the Mysql server. So it is a good idea to clear out eximstats database frequently or completely disable it if you are not using the statistics stored in it.

Run the below command if to find the disk usage of the database.

[email protected] [/var/lib/mysql/eximstats]# du -sh


You can solve the issue by clearing the huge exim stat database, please follow the steps:

SSH to server as root.

Log in to MySQL by simply running the MySQL command on the command prompt.

[[email protected] ~]# mysql



Change the Database to eximstats 

mysql> use eximstats;


Delete the data from table sends

mysql> delete from sends;


Delete the data from table smtp

mysql> delete from smtp;


Delete the data from table failures

mysql> delete from failures;


Delete the data from table defers

mysql> delete from defers;

Now exit from Mysql

mysql> exit;