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How to add IP’s to plesk:

For adding IP’s to Plesk,

Step 1.

Go to Server > IP Addresses

Step 2.

Now click Add New IP Address.

Step 3.

Select the network interface for the new IP from the Interface drop-down box.

Step 4.

Enter the IP address and subnet mask in the corresponding box (e.g.,

Step 5.

Select the type of the new IP address, shared or exclusive, using the IP type radio button.

Step 6.

From the drop-down box, select the SSL certificate for the new IP address. You can select the following certificates:

Default certificate – the certificate that comes with the Plesk distribution package. However, this certificate is not recognized by web browsers as it is not signed by a Certificate Authority (a warning message appears). The default certificate is used to provide access to the control panel via the https protocol (https://<Plesk Server name or IP>:8443/).

Other certificates – the certificates (self-signed or signed by a Certificate Authority) that you added to the repository of SSL certificates.

Step 7.

Select the FTP over SSL check box if you want to enable the ability to use secure FTP connection for the domain on an exclusive IP address and Click OK

Now it will be successfully done.

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