How to configure email account on iOS Device:

Like configuring email accounts on different email client, you can also configure email account on iOS devices such as iPhone/tablet etc. You can simply do configure it by following the steps mentioned below,

Step 1.

On your iOS device go to Settings and select the option  Mail, Contacts, Calendars “

Step 2.

Now you will see an option ” Add Mail Account ” choose that option for configuring new email account on your device.

Step 3.

You can see iCloud,google,Exchange etc on the window. For configuring email account of your domain you need to choose ” Other

Step 4.

After that select ” Add Mail Account

Step 5.

On the New Account window you need to fill the details of the account. Enter your Name / Email ID / Password after that click on next button.

Step 6.

Now you need to configure the  Incoming Mail Server,

The fields are Hostname / Username / Password

For host name you need to give the mail server name. It will be,


Under username you need to give your email address. For example,

[email protected]

In the password field type your email account password.

Step 7.

Now for configuring the Outgoing Mail Server, you can provide the same details as you did for Incoming Mail Server.

Step 8.

It will start verifying once you have completed the configuration. Sometimes it will show ” Cannot Verify Server Identity ” this is because of the SSL used on your domain. You just click on continue button.

Step 9.

Save the settings. Now it will synchronize the email account to your device and you will get emails to your device.

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