How to install FTP and setup user account:

It’s very easy to install FTP service on the server, please follow the instructions below to install FTP service and set up a user to use FTP.

Before installing FTP you need to confirm that it is not already installed on your server. For centos operating system use the command to check whether it is installed or not,

/etc/init.d/vsftpd status

If it is installed then it will show like vsftpd is stopped or running. If not follow the steps below to install and configure FTP.

Step 1.

You can quickly install vsftpd on your server from command line, use the following yum command to install the FTP service,

yum install vsftpd

You also need to install the FTP client, so that you can connect to an FTP server, for that use the command,

yum install ftp

Step 2.

Configure VSFTP:

The configuration file of vsftpd is,


You need to edit the configuration file and disable anonymous access. For that change the Anonymous_enable to No.


After that, uncomment the local_enable option, changing it to yes,


Finish up by uncommenting command to chroot_local_user. When this line is set to Yes, all the local users will be jailed within their chroot and will be denied access to any other part of the server,


After that restart the vsftpd service,

service vsftpd restart

Then run the following command to ensure that vsftpd runs at boot,

chkconfig vsftpd on

Step 3.

Create FTP user:

Now your FTP server is up and running. It is time to add additional users to FTP server so that they can login into account to upload / download files. To add a user called iserversupport and set the password, use the command below,

adduser -c 'FTP USER iserversupport' -m iserversupport
passwd iserversupport

Now the user will be created and you can access the ftp account using the created user and password.

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