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Install SSL for domains and plesk panel login page:

For installing SSL in domains and plesk panel login page follow the steps described below,

Step 1.

Log into the plesk panel as admin

Step 2.

Go to the domain where you want to install the ssl certificate

Step 3.

Click on the certificates option

Step 4.

Click on Add New Certificate

Step 5.

Fill out all the details and make sure you use

Step 6.

Then click request to generate the CSR (certificate signature request) which will be sent to the CA(certificate authority) to generate a valid certificate.

Step 7.

In the list of certificates, click the download button to download the CSR to your hard drive.

Step 8.

Buy an ssl certificate.

Step 9.

Enter the domain name to secure as

Step 10.

Open the CSR file into notepad and copy into the fields on the site where you are buying your ssl certificate.

Step 11.

Wait for the validation process.

Step 12.

You may also need to download the root CA certificates from the website of your chosen certificate authority .

Step 13.

You will then receive the ssl certificate via email.

Step 14.

Select just the certificate and copy into notepad and save as certificate.txt

Step 15.

Again go to the domain > certificates

Step 16.

Then where it says “Find the appropriate private key to the certificate…….CERTIFICATE:” click the browse button and choose the certificate.txt file on your hard drive.

Step 17.

Now click on certificate from the list.

Step 18.

In the CA (certificate authority) field click the browse button and locate the certificate authority file on your hard drive ca_certificate.txt and click send file.

Step 19.

Once your certificate appears good in the list you then need to ensure that the IP address used by the domain name is exclusive. This can be checked in Server > IP Aliasing.

Step 20.

If you need to make any changes click on the IP address and then make it exclusive.

Step 21.

If there still appears to be other domain names using the IP address, go into each domain name > setup and change to another IP address.

Step 22.

Now go to the domain name you want to secure > setup

Step 23.

Select the exclusive IP address and your SSL certificate which should appear in the drop down menu.

Step 24.

Now go to Server > Reboot. This normally takes about 3 mins to do.

Step 25.

Finally test your ssl certificate by going to

Step 26.

If you want to secure the login page to plesk on the main server, go to Server > Certificates > Add New Certificate

Step 27.

Enter the same details except this time you have all the relevant files on your hard drive. So select the .pem, certificate, and ca_certificate.txt files and choose send file.

Step 28.

Now you can access your control panel by

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