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Keep spammer away from cPanel server’s:

If you noticed ongoing spamming from your server, you can do the following steps to prevent stop spamming.

1. Check the mail log and see which account is sending bulk emails/spam mails

2. Find the email account that is sending out spam emails

3. Immediately change the password for that email account also find if it is a known spammer or it happened as a result of account compromise.

4. If it is known spamming then suspend the account, if not then scan the local computer where the email account is configured and scan the whole account using an updated anti-virus software.

5. Make sure the scripts that were detected while scanning is examined. Also change all the passwords for the email accounts/ftp accounts/cPanel to more secure passwords.

6. Follow this link to find spammer Find Spammer

7. You can also control the outgoing emails from your server. For that login to WHM and go to tweak settings. In that you can see the option  “The maximum each domain can send out per hour (0 is unlimited)”  put the value onto the box.

So you can restrict the maximum number of emails that each domain can sent from the server, this will prevent bulk emails from different domains.

Stop Incoming spam emails towards the email accounts on the server:

If you are receiving a large number of spam emails on your cPanel server, then you can do the following steps to prevent incoming  spam emails

1. Configure Spam Assassin that is available and configurable on a per site basis on cPanel servers.  Within the cPanel interface for each domain on a server Spam Assassin can be enabled and configured on a per domain basis. The configuration options available are to set a spam score to remove mail, white-list email addresses, and blacklist email domains

You need to configure Spam Assassin scores related to the amount of spam emails that you are receiving.

2. One server wide setting that can be extremely effective at stemming the tide of inbound spam messages to your server is to enable RBLs.  What these lists do is check each of the IPs that is attempting to send mail to your server against a remote list of known spammers. These remote lists are maintained by a large community of system and mail administrators, and are one of the most effective tools available at fighting the flow of spam into your server.

You can enable these feature directly from your WHM > Service Configuration > Exim Configuration Editor > RBL’s Manage

  • Put a check in both ‘RBL:‘ and ‘RBL:’
  • Click save at the bottom of the page

Now your server is configured to filter all incoming mail against these two RBL lists.

If you need our help to fix the issue with incoming/outgoing spam from your server. Please feel free to contact us, simply email to [email protected]

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