Setup Email alert for ssh, port scan, excess process usage via CSF

First you need to edit the file /etc/csf/csf.conf and add your email address beside the entry LF_ALERT_TO

LF_ALERT_TO = "[email protected]"

To send an Email alert if an IP us blocked change LF_EMAIL_ALERT to 1 Buy default it will be 1

# Send an email alert if an IP address is blocked by one of the [*] triggers


Send an alert if log file flooding is detected which causes lfd to skip log


Send an email alert if anyone logs in successfully using SSH


Send an email alert if anyone accesses WHM/cPanel via an account listed


Send an alert email if more than LF_SCRIPT_LIMIT lines appear change to


Send an email alert if an account exceeds LT_POP3D/LT_IMAPD logins per hour


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