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How to setup private nameservers in cPanel:

You can setup your own nameserver’s for your domain. Private nameservers or custom nameserver’s allow the nameservers associated with a website ( to display the website’s nameserver ( rather than the nameserver associated with the web host for the website (

Follow the steps below to creating your own private nameserver for your domain,

Step 1.

Login to WHM 

Step 2.

Select Basic cPanel/WHM Setup from the Server Configuration menu.

Step 3.

Enter the desired nameserver’s hostnames on the following field.

  • Primary Nameserver
  • Secondary Nameserver

Step 4.

Save the names by clicking the save button.

Step 5.

Now you need to create a zone file for the domain. For that.

Select Add a DNS Zone from the DNS Functions menu.

Step 6.

Enter the IP address for the domain in the IP field.

Step 7.

Enter the domain name in the Domain field.

Step 8.

Now you need to assign IP for the nameserver. For that,

Select Nameserver IPs from the Network Setup menu.

Step 9.

Enter the first nameserver name in the Nameserver field.


Click the Assign button and again,

Enter the second nameserver name in the Nameserver field and click Assign button

Step 10.

Now you need to set up the nameservers. For that,

Select Nameserver Setup from the Service Configuration menu and then,

Click the Proceed button on the pop-up message

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