Install MongoDB cPanel server


Install MongoDB cPanel server:   MongoDB is document-oriented database software. and it is classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON like documents with optional schemas. You can install MongoDB on [...]

Install MongoDB cPanel server2020-11-30T09:12:48+00:00

How to add addon domain from cPanel


How to add addon domain from cPanel: You can add addon-domains to your cPanel account by following the simple steps mentioned below, Step 1. Login to the cPanel with your [...]

How to add addon domain from cPanel2020-11-27T13:38:34+00:00

Install Lamp server and setup virtualhost


Install Lamp server and setup virtualhost: You can install and configure the LAMP server by following the below steps. Step 1. First you need to provision the server with a linux [...]

Install Lamp server and setup virtualhost2020-11-27T15:33:40+00:00
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