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Website down IP not pinging from outside the server : Windows server

In this case, the website is down and the IP is not responding from outside the server.

First thing you have to do is check whether the website is is loading from the server.

If it is loading fine from the server, then confirm ICMP is enabled and try to ping the IP address that is assigned to the website from the server.

Also try to ping the IP from outside the server. If it is responding from the server and not responding to requests from outside the server, then try changing the IP address of the website and see whether it is loading fine.

If yes, you need to reconfigure the IP address that is not responding.

For that remove the IP address that is not responding and add it again to the server. The things you need to note here is,

Make sure you are not removing the server’s main IP while login into the server via remote desktop or rdesktop.

Also before removing the IP address you need to know the subnetmask , gateway of the IP address.

After re-adding the IP address you can re-check the issue. It will be fixed if it is related to the IP configuration of the IP address.

If the website has SSL installed, then you need to reconfigure the SSL for the website from IIS.

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