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Website marked as harmful by Google:

This is because of Google services have detected malicious code within your script/website. If so you will receive notification regarding this from Google.

For resolving this you should do a review on your website and remove any harmful scripts/malware from your pages. You should also need to fix any vulnerabilities related to your website configuration that have allowed for this issue to occur. It’s very important to fix these issues so that you do not experience such problems in the future. To keep your website related scripts up-to-date an upgrade is needed after the malicious code is removed.

If you are feeling unsure on how to proceed with this, you can purchase our “Security Audit” service from

After everything have been done you can check your website content using Google Diagnostics tool. use,

After the above has been completed you can also request a review of your website using Google ‘s Webmasters Tools. You can create Google Webmasters Tools account using:

Once you got a Webmasters Tools account you need to go to the Overview Page and then click on Request a Review link.

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