CentOS Server Management

CentOS is a widely used RPM-based Linux distribution that delivers flawless performance to the servers. The Operating System is derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Unlike other distributions, CentOS is easy to manage and compatible with almost 100 percent Linux applications out there. The Operating System is widely used for Linux-based servers to deliver the best performance. Also, CentOS is supported by all the Entry Level to Commercial hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and Directadmin, etc.

Our CentOS Server Management plan can be used for any CentOS distro based servers with any services. It can be a hosting Server, Email Server or database server, or any other services. We will help you deploy and configure Firewalls, Packages, and Kernels according to your requirements. We will help you secure the installation by tweaking the security variables within the core components and firewall filters. Even if you are looking for a service to set up your first server with CentOS, our CentOS Server management plan can be used for the initial server set up.We also have specific plans for cPanel Server Management and Plesk Server Management


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  • Troubleshooting issues related to Webserver, Mailserver, DNS,

  • Fileserver, FTP etc.

  • Installing additional modules and extensions for Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL.

  • Updating kernel and other packages to ensure security.

  • Server reboot if it is not reachable or responding.

  • Fixing disk space issues by clearing old logs and unwanted files.

  • Tweaking and optimizing Apache, PHP and MySQL parameters for best

  • Fix spam issues and regular monioring of Email queue.

  • Providing cost effective backup solutions.

  • Support for all kinds of control panels like cPanel, Webmin, Pleask,

  • Round the clock support via Email, LiveChat, and Skype

  • Tweak firewall setting for preventing attacks.

  • Recompile Apache and PHP for version upgrades/downgrades.

  • Control panel updates automation.

  • Applying patches for fixing vulnerabilities and bugs.

  • 24*7 monitoring of server statistics like server load, spammer, DOS

  • attack, Disk space etc.

  • Installation and configuration of firewall, IPtables and mod_security.

  • Monthly security audits and providing detailed reports.