cPanel login invalid while using correct username and password

11 thoughts on “cPanel login invalid while using correct username and password

    • If IP is not static whitelist wont really work. Install a firewall to prevent bruteforce attack, also if you add ssh key you can whitelist IP using the command /scripts/cphulkdwhitelist “IP”

  1. I have developed a website and when I passed cPanel details to my client, he is not able to login to cpanel and showing error “Unable to login” Please reply me.

    • It should be an issue with cphulk as well. Make sure the user use correct login details and allow their IP in firewall and cphulk

  2. I am having this problem on my web-mail whenever i want to login it’s says login invalid,i tried using outlook Microsoft word,and it always says server not found,i have tried to explain to the person who designed the website for me and he say the web mail works perfect on his laptop,we are very far away that i can’t visit the guy where he stays i want to know if i can get a great guideline to take so i can start using my email and also login and make use of the email. Thank you looking forward to receive a wonderful reply.

    • This should be an issue with the cphulk block, if you are not able to access website via webmail you wont be able to access via email client as well. So first find the IP address and allow it on cphulk and and firewall you are using.

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