cPanel Script Throws Undefined subroutine &Getopt::Long:: GetOptionsFromArray

Normally upcp is used as a silver bullet for many cPanel-related problems, but what happens when upcp itself has a problem? If you’re seeing an error like the one below when running this script, then continue reading!


#[email protected] [~]# /scripts/upcp
#/scripts/upcp syntax OK
Running Futex Check/Fix......Done
Undefined subroutine &Cpanel::Update::automatic_updates_enabled called at /scripts/upcp line 273


The fix here is to grab a static update script from cPanel’s mirror which will re-link and fix any critical cPanel PERL modules that are broken or missing. Bash one-liner to follow:

wget -O /root/updatenow.static
&& perl /root/updatenow.static --manual

Once complete, run /scripts/upcp --force again.

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