Secure Server

  • Setup firewall
  • Update server packages
  • Secure Ftp,Ssh,
  • Update Kernel
  • Secure Tmp
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Check List

  • Secure Temp to prevent attackers from executing rootkits, trojans code within the /tmp directory.
  • Secure SSH - Change ssh port to avoind port scan attack
  • Secure Root ssh loin by disabling direct ssh
  • Enable   open_basedir to limit PHP's access to the user's home directory, /tmp, and a few necessary PHP system directories
  • Upgrate os packages to avoid vulnerability and inprove security
  • Installing and scanning with rkhunter
  • Installing and scanning with clamav
  • Installing and scanning with Maldect
  • Securing syctl  is to help prevent spoofing and dos attacks
  • Hardening host.conf file to avoid spoofing
  • Scan with our custom scripts with latest signatures to find malicious codes.
  • Configure firewall to protect server from Dos attack which can cause high load on servers
  • Prevention form Syn Flooding by automatically blocking IP's
  • Limit not of ssh failed logins
  • Ddos attack prevention
  • Kernel tweaking to avoid unwanted connection and maintain stability
  • Secure Ssh connection
  • Block unwanted ports
  • Tweaking Sysctl to prevent syn flood attack
  • Ftp hardening and limiting failed ftp logins