Server Support VIP

  • Server Migration
  • Regular security audit
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Third party software installation
  • Quick response
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More Features


  • Its a complete server support plan. Some of the most important feature of this plan's are.
  • Complete server migration support. Moving accounts among servers 
  • Regular  security audit. With complete monitoring including server load ip block etc
  • Installation and setup of  new packages like Nginx Varnish reverse proxy etc
  • Setup cache system like varnish.
  • Fix any issues related to windows and multi servers
  • 24/7 server monitoring with server reboot and issue fixing in behalf of customers to avoid downtime
  • Security audit one every month.Which include maldect scan, Rkhunter scan etc
  • This is our basic Server Administration plan and you can have unlimited issues fixed each month
  • Fixing any issues related to server and services like APACHE DNS FTP FIREWALL
  • Installing additional modules for Apache and php
  • Server reboot in case server is not reachable
  • Fixing space issue by clearing old logs and unwanted files
  • Clearing old logs and unwanted files or backups as per customer request
  • Block and unblock IP's on customers request
  • Tweak APACHE PHP and MySQL parameters for best performance
  • Adding new domains, Ftp accounts, Databases etc
  • Fixing permissions and ownership of files for ensure security
  • Optimizing Apache and MySQL for best performance issue
  • Updating control panel license and upgrading to latest version with new security patches
  • Restore domain form old backup or create new backups in cPanel server
  • Tweak firewall setting or update to latest version to increase security
  • Recompile Apache in cPanel server to add modules or update version
  • Unlimited skype or live chat support