Configuring SSL on Jira using HAProxy

We all know HAProxy is a widely used load balancer or proxy software these days. When installing Jira, it can be accessed via the default port 8080 and 8443 (secure connection). But most of you guys will need to make Jira work on the default http and https port. We cannot configure Jira in the […]

How to install Let’s Encrypt ssl on nginx running Python…

Install Let’s Encrypt ssl on nginx running Python Django Flask Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides an easy way to obtain and install free TLS/SSL certificates. We are using Certbot to obtain a free SSL certificate for Nginx with Ubuntu set up. It’s better to use separate Nginx server block file instead […]

Recover crashed Innodb tables on MySQL database server.

Recover Crashed innodb tables   Lost valuable database ? Hire us we will recover it for you Server Management plan Recover crashed Innodb tables process will help you to recover any critical tables during innodb crash. One of the dangerous issue you will face on a MySQL server is innodb crash, no matter how important […]

Install and optimize cpanel server with cloudlinux and litespeed

Install and configure cPanel server.
Upgrade mysql to Mariadb
Install cloudlinux
Install multiple php selector
Install litespeed
Configure litespeed with cloudlinux to use multiple php version

Upgrade MySQL to MariaDB on a cPanel server

Upgrade MySQL to MariaDB on a cPanel server

Step 1 Here current version is MySQL 5.6 click next after selecting MariaDB 10.2
Step 2 On step 2 WHM will show couple of warning you need to tick all of them to go to next step.
Step 3 On the step 3 select Unattended.

install Nginx PHP-FPM MySQL

How to install Nginx PHP-FPM MySQL (LEMP) with pagespeed and…

Install nginx php-fpm mysql LEMP stands for Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP. Apart from LAMP Nginx server with PHP-FPM pagespeed module and memcached is a highly efficient and fast webserver setup, with this setup your website load time will be pretty fast. This setup reduces the server response time to a greater extent and is […]

What is involved in the Linux server management ?

Managing a Linux server is not a hard task if you have the right skills and know the methods/technologies involved. Linux systems have evolved a lot since its launch. It is becoming more and more user friendly with the arrival of Control Panels and other technologies/techniques/methods. Now, we can manage Linux servers with manageable frontend/GUI. […]

How to setup LAMP server on CentOS

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These are the packages we use for hosting a website or in other words this are the basic components of a basic webserver suite. Of course, there are alternatives but these are the widely used ones. First we’ll install and configure Apache. Apache is the webserveer used […]

Exim Error internal problem in system filter: failure to transfer…

Stop worrying about your server. cPanel/Plesk Server Management for just $59/mo with Unlimited tickets, Unlimited admin hours, Security audits, 24×7 monitoring and lot more  cPanel Server Management  $59/mo Click here Plesk Server Management $59/mo Click here Exim Error internal problem in system filter: failure to transfer data from subprocess: status=0100 readerror=’No such file or directory’ Sometime you will get the following error […]

You know the 5 important ways to choose a server…

Server administration is not an ordinary process; it needs dedication, punctuality and a lot more. Your business may be a small or big, however if you are using a server to manage or run the business you should be very careful about the server management, unless the vulnerabilities in the server may lead to end […]