dedicated admin support

Dedicated Admin Support.

No matter what kind of service you provide, different levels of skills are required during the company growth as the requirement increases. Not interested in the full team? No need to worry. You can hire a dedicated admin for your company even with level 1 to level 3 depending on your requirement. You will be able to build a team with dedicated admins with your level preference. The admin will work exclusively for you and resolve any issues with great responsibility and minimum response time. The dedicated admin or team you build becomes like your own staff, hence the SLA is what you set on your company and the admins will follow the same.

You can choose your preferred shift timeframe according to your convenience. Our team will be ready to help you any time you choose for the admin. We can help you with any tasks depending on the level of admin you choose, If you are a company with more than 1000 customers, at least L2 admin will be required for managing your services and fix the issues. If you would like an admin who is well trained and experienced, the L3 admin will be the best option to go forward as he will be able to handle any kind of issues.

If you want a dedicated support team including managers and salespersons you can configure your team from our dedicated support team plans.


  20 minutes Guaranteed Response Time
  Shift of 8 hours a day
  5 days in a week
  Proactive Server Monitoring
  Server stabilization or abuse ticket will be handled
  Strong knowledge of Windows or Linux servers
  24×7 Server Management Team available
  Flexible shift handling as per your requirements
  Microsoft and Redhat Certified Engineers
  Server monitoring and quick response
  Live chat and Helpdesk Support
  New Servers Setup and provisioning
  Adjustable shift timing as per the requirements
  Advanced Server Hardening including firewall setup
  Quality assurance Team to ensure the quality of each ticket
  Third-party Software installation
  Unlimited server support
L1 Admin
$899 per Month
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L2 Admin
$1099 per Month
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L3 Admin
$1299 per Month
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$1499 per Month
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