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Linux Server Management

Are you thinking about a low-cost and full-featured Linux server management service provider who ensures your complete security and provides you with 24/7 ad-hoc server admin support? Then iServer Support team is there for your business with immense expertise in rendering unmatched server support to make your Linux Server secure and stable and take your business. We can manage any distros like Centos , Ubuntu, Debian

We offer comprehensive Linux Server Management and troubleshooting solutions for all variants of Linux servers. By the word Server Management, we are assuring the complete take care of your systems under your watch. We promise you 100% uptime and a highly secured environment for your websites. In short, you are in the right place if you need any kind of hosting or server help. We also have specific plans for cPanel Server Management and Plesk Server Management


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Through secure check out

  • Troubleshooting issues related to Webserver, Mailserver, DNS,

  • Fileserver, FTP etc.

  • Installing additional modules and extensions for Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL.

  • Updating kernel and other packages to ensure security.

  • Server reboot if it is not reachable or responding.

  • Fixing disk space issues by clearing old logs and unwanted files.

  • Tweaking and optimizing Apache, PHP and MySQL parameters for best

  • performance.

  • Adding new domains, Ftp accounts, Databases etc on request.

  • Fix spam issues and regular monioring of Email queue.

  • Providing cost effective backup solutions.

  • Support for all kinds of control panels like cPanel, Webmin, Pleask,

  • DirectAdmin etc.

  • Proper server maintenance with notifications.

  • Tweak firewall setting for preventing attacks.

  • Recompile Apache and PHP for version upgrades/downgrades.

  • Installaion of custom applications.

  • Control panel updates automation.

  • Applying patches for fixing vulnerabilities and bugs.

  • 24*7 monitoring of server statistics like server load, spammer, DOS

  • attack, Disk space etc.

  • Installation and configuration of firewall, IPtables and mod_security.

  • Monthly security audits and providing detailed reports.

What is a Linux server?2020-11-23T14:39:32+00:00

Linux server a best alternative for windows servers as its free, opensource and you can even see the sourcecode. That is why everyone prefers Linux over windows servers.

How do I find my server platform Linux?2020-11-23T14:34:49+00:00

First, you need to understand which all applications you are going to use inside the Linux and what are the supported platform. For example, if you are going to install cPanel you can do it only on the Centos servers so make sure to check your software compatibility first.

Which Linux server is best for home?2020-11-23T14:31:06+00:00

For home, it’s best to go for ubuntu, especially for laptops as ubuntu-desktop is the most stable for laptops and the UI of Ubuntu is awesome compared to other distributions.

Which Linux server is best?2020-11-23T14:39:16+00:00

It is always best to get the latest version of any Linux Distributions.  From all the Linux distros we suggest centos 8 as you get lots of help from community and centos forums.

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