Ubuntu Server Management

Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux distribution that uses an APT package manager. Some customers out there prefer Ubuntu for their server due to smaller disk utilization and easier packages management. The Operating System is available in both 32 and 64-bit architecture. Unlike CentOS, the Ubuntu Operating system will not be supported by some hosting control panels like cPanel. It is a highly customizable Operating System that can provide high performance for the services because of low resource usage.

Our Ubuntu Server Management plan can deliver the best optimization for the server to tune the services further so that you can gain maximum performance. iServerSupport offers the most affordable and premium support plan for all requirements. Our team is well experienced and trained in Ubuntu Server Management. Our team will take care of your server while you can concentrate on your customer requirements. Our team can deliver support for all aspects like Service Deployment, Integration, Security, Updates, Patching,  Networking, etc. We will help you configure control panels if you are developing a hosting service providing company.We also have specific plans for cPanel Server Management and Plesk Server Management.


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  • 24×7 monitoring for individual services to ensure uptime for end-users

  • Unlimited support via Email, LiveChat, and Skype

  • Ubuntu firewall management with ufw

  • Package management with apt

  • Backup configuration to Remote/Local Destination

  • Hosting Server Setup without control panels

  • Control panel installation for commercial web hosting

  • Server preparation for Backup storage

  • FTP installation and configuration

  • Module integrations for additional tweaking

  • Performance optimization for components

  • Hardening login access points

  • Troubleshooting permission and file issues

  • Install and configure PHP and its extensions upon customer request