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cPanel is one of the most powerful and stable control panels in the word for Linux server, with many years of improvement they have added tons of features including Standalone Nginx, Php fpm, Centos 8 support and so on. Our cPanel certified server techs will take care of every aspect of cPanel server with our top-notch cPanel Server Management Plan.

Our cPanel Server Management plan is specifically designed to cover all aspects of a cPanel server. FTp, DNS, Webserver, Database Server configuration and management is included in this plan. A suitable plan for those who run a single shared server.

We can Secure, Optimize and Maintain the server in the best way possible to get maximum out of your server resources. cPanel provides a great interface for Server to Server transfer of accounts with their ssh less migration service. All our techs have taken cPanel certification course and we go through regular update of cPanel releases to make sure we are always aware of each and every change on your server. With our automated update and patching feature, we will make sure that your server is not vulnerable to any type of security issues. We have unique Plesk Server Management and Directadmin Server Management plans too.


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  • The most important feature of cPanel Server Management plan is 24/7 Web server monitoring and Security audit.

  • Server reboot with issues fixing on behalf of customers. So that your website will stay alive.

  • Regular update of cPanel version inorder to avoid vulnerability

  • Plugin installation for cPanel server

  • Security audit once every month.Which include maldect scan, Rkhunter scan etc

  • This is our basic Server Administration plan and you can have unlimited issues fixed each month

  • Fixing any issues related to server and services like APACHE DNS FTP FIREWALL

  • Installing additional modules for Apache and php

  • Coudlinux and cagefs Installation

  • litespeed installation and configuration

  • Server reboot in case server is not reachable

  • Managing cPanel accounts, Ftp accounts

  • Installation and configuration of Nginx plugin for cpanel

  • Recompilation of Apache to change varsions and add modules.

  • Fixing space issue by clearing old logs and unwanted files

  • Clearing old logs and unwanted files or backups as per customer request

  • Block and unblock IP’s on customers request

  • Tweak APACHE PHP and MySQL parameters for best performance

  • Adding new domains, Ftp accounts, Databases etc

  • Fixing permissions and ownership of files for ensure security

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