Hourly Server Administration

Hourly Server Administration package can be used to fix any web hosting issues like Server setup, Security updates , Creating Backup Scripts, Install ssl, Optimize server, Fix server Load, Install Third-party services, Optimizing Apache and MySQL, Restore domain form backup. Our highly experienced server administrators area available 24×7 or whenever you are facing the issue.

Primarily catering to companies who are looking for one-time jobs that require only hourly server support from server technicians can opt for iServer Support’s Hourly Server Administration. Some server issues take only a few hours to bring back everything to normal. As a reputed server support provider in the industry, we also have a separate wing to deal with tasks that consume only hours of work to fix the issues. Go through our Hourly Server Administration Plan to enjoy services from our well-seasoned server technicians. if you want server monitoring and alerts you can purchase our monthly server monitoring plan to get 24×7 server monitoring.


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  • Upgrade server packages to latest version or Kernel upgrade

  • Installation of third party software

  • Install SSL or CSR creation

  • Fixing permissions and ownership of files

  • Optimizing Apache and MySQL for best performance issue

  • Updating control panel license and upgrading to latest version with new security patches

  • Restore domain form old backup or create new backups in cPanel server

  • Tweak firewall setting or update to latest version to increase security

  • Recompile Apache in cPanel server to add modules or update version

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