Linux Server Monitoring

  • 24x7 Server Monitoring
  • Monitor website
  • Monitor Server load
  • Monitor Disk space
  • Monitor Spamming
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With our Linux Server Monitoring plan we will monitor your server and will make sure that your server and website is always up. We will also monitor all the services and process on server to make sure that website performance is not affected. We can also monitor remote MySQL servers or Mail servers. With our monitoring system you can stay assured that there is no spamming from the server which is the main reason behind IP blacklisting

  • Monitor server for High load.
  • Monitor server for Spamming issue
  • Monitor server for Disk space issue and server crash
  • Monitor server for DOS attack
  • Monitor SSH service
  • Monitor service like SSH
  • Monitor FTP and make sure that service is always up
  • Monitor SMTP service
  • Monitor DNS service
  • Monitor Dovecot service
  • Monitor Mail service like exim
  • Monitor Qmail for easy email processing
  • Monitor Postfix service
  • Monitor Apache server
  • Monitor Litespeed web server
  • Monitor Nginx web server
  • Monitor Demand dial server
  • Monitor remote MySQL servers
  • Monitor mail servers
  • Monitor server Firewall
  • Monitor no of process running on server
  • Monitor Zombie process
  • Monitor database server and server load