Hire Bash Scripting Developer

Bash scripting is one of the most effective ways to automate tasks on Linux server as its the default supported shell on Linux. Our bash scripting specialist can build small to complex script for you which will run effectively on production servers. Our highly experienced bash developer can deal with any type of requirements like setup backups on remote and local servers, a custom script for migration of servers from unsupported control panels or custom servers, integration with different API to perform tasks on the server, regular monitoring of internal services. We have been working on bash script for years for our own use and for custom requirement of clients so we know in and out of the bash scripting technology. Bash script will work well on all type of Linux distros like Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Mac, FreeBSD.

After we build every script we will make sure that the script will run regularly on your server and we are always ready to make necessary changes as per your requirements. You can pay the onetime fee or based on the number of hours we work on the script. Our commitment is to provide a 100% working script which meets your requirements.


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  • Bash script integration for Plesk

  • Script for cPanel automaton.

  • Bash script integration on Directadmin

  • Centos custom processing script

  • Bash script integration on ubuntu

  • Disk monitoring and clean up service

  • Custom script for any requirements

  • Bash script for automatic backups

  • Bash script for Monitoring Services

  • Website monitoring bash script

  • Custom migration using bash script

  • Alert notification using bash script.

  • Cron for scheduling task.

  • Automatic permission fixing script