Install Rkhunter and scan for Rootkits:

As you all know that Rkhunter is a software that is compiled on unix platform to detect rootkits on a Linux server. It will also detect backdoors and local exploits on server. It is helpful tool in securing  a Linux server. At first you need to install Rkhunter on your Linux server by compiling it from the source.You can follow the steps mentioned below for installing and configuring Rkhunter on your server.

Step 1.

Firstly you need to download Rkhunter source file to the server. You will get Rkhunter source file from the following location,

For downloading it to your server you can use wget command as follows,

[email protected][/home]# cd /usr/local/src
[email protected][/usr/local/src]# wget

Now the rkhunter-1.4.2.tar.gz file will be downloaded to your server.

Step 2.

You need to extract the file using command,

tar xzvf rkhunter*

Once the extraction process is completed, get into the rkhunter-1.4.2 folder using cd command,

cd rkhunter*

Step 3.

After that install Rkhunter using the following command,

./ --install

This will install Rkhunter on your server.

Step 4.

Once it is installed you can run Rkhunter using the command,

rkhunter --check

That’s it

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