Solution for cPanel license issue:

As everybody know cPanel is the world’s most commonly used control panel. It is a strong control panel for Linux based server’s as it has a number of features that helps to manage server as well as different web hosting accounts. cPanel comes with a 15 days trial, once the trial period ends you need to purchase license for using the panel. You can get the license from your host or directly from cPanel.

cPanel license is issued for a particular IP that you are using in your server. But even if you purchased the license you will get an error,

Error : "Invalid License error for cPanel"

while accessing WHM/cPanel. So you would need to confirm the license on your IP address. This can be easily done using the official cPanel verify license link,

You need to go to the link and paste your server IP on the box and click verify.

It will now show the license history of your IP address. If it is valid then you can fix the issue from your server. For that,

Step 1.

Login to the server via SSH

Step 2.

Enter the following command to update the license to server,


Now, it will show the process and will update the cPanel license on your server IP address.

That’s all..

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