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How to add additional IP’s to windows server:

You can add additional IP’s on your windows server by following this doc.

Step 1.

First you need to login to the windows server.

Step 2.

Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Local Area Connection and take the properties.

Step 3.

Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click Properties >> Advanced

Step 4.

Now you need to select “Add” in the IP addresses section and enter in the IP address and Subnet mask for each IP you wish to add to the server.

Step 5.

After entering the required click ok and go back to desktop.

Step 6.

It will be added now. For checking whether it have been added successfully, Go to Start >> Run >> “cmd”

and run the command,

ipconfig /all

It will display all the IP address that were associated to the server.

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