Denying cPanel user’s in creating certain domains:

There is a function on cPanel named “Prevent cPanel users from creating specific domain” this will be helpful in implementing security features to cPanel server. As there is a chance for parking a known domain to some of the cPanel accounts and create sub domains for the known domain for sending spam emails. Now a days this is happening for more number of servers. Also this can be happen in case of account compromised.

There is a common file in all cPanel servers called commondomains in the location,


this file will already block the creation of certain domains listed in the file, and this is created by cPanel itself. To see the list of domains in the file you can see the contents using cat command. Example,

[email protected] [~]# cat /usr/local/cpanel/etc/commondomains

If you need to add more to the list then create a file,


Now add the domains that you need to prevent created by cPanel users in a line by line order as seen in the above example.

Once you list a domain it will prevent creation of subdomains for that domain in the list. Also this will only activated after enabling this option from WHM. For that go to,

WHM > Tweak Settings

then turn ON the option ” Prevent cPanel users from creating specific domains

That’s all

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