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Enable BoxTrapper in cPanel Server:

You can use the option BoxTrapper for blocking  the emails that yo don’t want to receive. This can be done by enabling the configuring the option BoxTrapper on cPanel server.

It will works like a spam filter that assigned for email addresses. Also it’s functioning is based on “challenge-response” verification as an email sent to an account with BoxTrapper it will sent a verification email. And only the email will be delivered after receiving the reply from the sender.

So here the emails without reply to the verification email will be blocked.

You can enable and configure BoxTrapper by following the steps mentioned below,

Step 1.

Login to your cPanel account.

Step 2.

Choose the option BoxTrapper under Mail section.



Step 3.

After that you will be able to see the accounts listed and you can manage all these accounts by clicking on “Manage” button

Step 4.

The BoxTrapper option can be enabled by clicking on the enable box.

Also if the option is enabled the outgoing emails destination address will be white-listed on the BoxTrapper and it will be able to sent emails to the account without authentication.

Step 5.

For configuring the BoxTrapper you can choose the option Configure Settings there you can adjust the configurations and please don’t forget to save the settings after editing the configuration. After that it will be enabled and configured.

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