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How to access PhpMyAdmin without cPanel password:

For accessing PhpMyAdmin directly without cPanel password you need to install phpMyAdmin on your hosting account, if so you won’t have to first log in to your cPanel when you want to use phpMyAdmin.

For installing PhpMyAdmin on domain follow the steps below,

Step 1.

Download the installation package from,

Step 2.

Upload the downloaded tar file (ex: phpMyAdmin-4.2.9-english.tar.gz) into public_html folder of the shared account and then extract it.

Step 3.

Rename the folder so that you can call the phpmyadmin control panel with that name.

If your phpmyadmin download folder is named phpMyAdmin-4.2.9-english then your url will be,

So rename to something you find easy to use. It is good to go with the name phpmyadmin, so the url will be,

Step 4.

Create a mysql database and a mysql user to access the database with phpMyAdmin

You can create mysql database and allocate an user for it from cpanel under MySQL databases section.

Step 5.

Now access the database using following url with the database username and password that you have created.

It’s all done now 🙂

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