How To Install eAccelerator on cPanel:

eAccelerator is a free, open-source software used to speed up PHP loading on websites. If you install it then it will run in the background, delivering your PHP code to users browsers. You can install eAccelerator right from the cPanel interface itself.

eAccelerator is a PHP accelerator and optimizer. It helps improve performance by re-using compiled PHP scripts and optimizing them to speed up their execution.

You can use the following simple steps to install eaccelerator on your cpanel server.

Step 1.

login to the server via SSH as root user and run this script.

/scripts/phpextensionmgr install EAccelerator

It will run the script now and will install the software, after that you need to check using the command,

php -v

You can also install the eaccelerator using another method. For that follow the steps below,

Step 1.

Download latest eaccelerator from,

Using the command,


Step 2.

Unzip the downloaded archive using the command,


Step 3.

Enter into the directory,

cd eaccelerator-

Step 4.

Configure the software,

./configure  --enable-eaccelerator=shared  --with-php-config=/usr/local/bin/php-config
make install

Step 5.

Once installation completed, then make sure file available on extensions directory.


Add the following lines at the end of php.ini

Restart Apache webserver.
service httpd restart

Step 6.

Restart Apache

service httpd restart


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