[Solved Error] Server shutdown in progress Mysql:

Sometimes you will get error like ” Server shutdown in progress ” while making database backups either using MySql dump or using other utilities to make database backups. For example,

mysqldump -u admin -p adores_function > adores_function.sql

mysqldump: Error 1053: Server shutdown in progress when dumping table ordinance at row: 28183923

This can happen if the mysql service on your server stopped during any other server side process and corrupted the backup that you have created. So the backup that you get will not be a complete backup of the database. So first you need to check the status of the mysql service on your server using the command,

service mysql status
[email protected] [~]# service mysql status


If the mysql service is stopped then start mysql using command,

service mysql start

Now the mysql service will be started. After that you can try making database backup again, if you are getting any other errors during the database backup then it will be because of the database got corrupted due to unusual shutdown of mysql service during the backup process. So you need to repair the database and start making backup after the repair completes.

If you are not sure about how to repair mysql database, then you can see the link Repair MySql Database

That is it.

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