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cPanel Suspicious “spamd child” mail from server:

If you get email’s from server says about Suspicious “spamd child” process in server, it was sent from the CSF firewall filter process from your server.

This is because of the result of a recent update in the CSF software. In CSF version 4.35 the exclusion for this have been removed, also this is a spam filterimg process. So you will get alert whenever the spamd process is having work, also CSF will identify it as a suspicious process.

You can avoid this by adding the exclusion on CSF, this can be done using WHM by following the below steps,

Step 1.

Login to WHM

Step 2.

Select the option “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” from WHM

Step 3.

Then click on “csf.pignore – Process Tracking”

Step 4.

Add the line below to the list,

cmd:spamd child

Step 5.

Now restart LFD using restart lfd button

From now you won’t receive mails regarding “spamd child” process.

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