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Disable magic quotes joomla | linux | server

You can disable magic quotes in joomla by adding the following line to the php.ini file.

magic_quotes_gpc = Off

If it did’t solver the issue you need to add the following lines to the php5.ini in the document-root.

magic_quotes_gpc = Off
 magic_quotes_runtime = Off
 magic_quotes_sybase = Off

If the file php5.ini is not there in the document root, then you can rename the php.ini as php5.ini.

Also after adding this you need to add the following lines on the .htaccess file. If there is no .htaccess then you can create a new file and add the following codes to it,

SetEnv PHPRC /home/your_path../public_html/php5.ini

Note : Replace the path “/home/your_path../public_html/php5.ini” properly with your path.

It will be done now.

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