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Install maldet malware scan on server:

You can install maldet malware scan on linux server by following the below steps,

Step 1.

Go to,


Download the tarfile using the command below,


Step 2.

Now extract the file ,

tar -xvf maldetect-current.tar.gz

Step 3.

Change the directory where extracted files located,

cd maldetect-1.4.2

Step 4.

Install the maldet using the script,


Step 5.

Maldet will be successfully installed after the installation process completes.

Now you can scan your server manually using maldet scan commands. For that use the command below,

maldet -a /

You can change the location of scan by changing the fields after maldet -a

For example to scan the location /home/iserversupport you can use the command as,

maldet -a  /home/iserversupport

Also you can set maldet to run scan daily in your server and get the reports on mail.

For more information about how to set maldet daily scan click here

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