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Mailing List creation cPanel:

Mailing List is used to send messages frequently to a large amount of people. You can also sent things such as newsletters, product updates etc to various mail ID’s using this option.

In cPanel it’s very easy to configure and update the mailing lists. For adding and updating mailing list, use the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1.

Login to cPanel and choose the option Mailing Lists under the tab Mail

Step 2.

For mailing list, click on Create a Mailing List

Step 3.

You need to enter the List Name and Password for that. Then click on Add Mailing List button.

Step 4.

Now you will see the message,

The mailing list name_of_list on with password pass_word was successfully created.
Hit enter to notify owner...
Updated List name_of_list

Step 5

Now click on Go Back and click Edit to set up the list.

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