Migrate emails from one account to another:

Emails are always important to almost all the websites. Once you migrate website from one host to another you need to migrate emails too from the old server to the new server. Normally if you migrate using cPanel backup and restore method the emails also will be migrated along with the website contents. In case you had done it manually, then you need to copy emails from the old account to new account. This can be done simply using email client.

Before going into the process, you need to confirm that both the accounts are configured to use IMAP on email settings by the server. This can be done only if it is configured as IMAP connections. IMAP connections will support both receiving and synchronizing emails, also the IMAP will store a copy each email on the server. While using POP3 instead of IMAP it will download emails to the email client and it will be deleted from the server.

For migrating the emails to a different account. First you need to configure both the email accounts on email client.

If you don’t know how to configure email client, then you can see the following link,

Configure Email Client

Here make sure that you have selected IMAP while configuring email clients for both the accounts.

If your website is loading from new server, then for configuring emails of your old account you can use the IP address of the server for incoming/outgoing mail server. So it will fetch emails from the old account.

Once both the email accounts are configured on the email client, you can move emails between the email accounts by selecting all the emails from the old account and drag them to the new account.

It will now start a copy process. Once it finished all the mails will be moved to the new account. Please note that yo can select all the emails from inbox using select all option or just pressing Ctrl + A

That’s all

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