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If your RVSiteBuilder is showing licence issue or if you get the error as below,

Fatal error:
The encoded file /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/www/ionctestlicense.php requires a license file.
The license file /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/rvsitebuilder.lic has expired. in Unknown on line 0

You can directly check your licence from the RVSiteBuilder website itself. For that go to the link below,

Now validate your server IP for checking license.

Also you can verify the license from your server command line using the command,

php /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/www/ionctestlicense.php

Then, for updating the licence you can use the below command from your server,

php /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/updatelicense.php

Now your license will be updated.

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