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For solving this issue, first you need to confirm /tmp is not full. For this you need to touch a file to the location /tmp. Sometime if you check using df it may found as 2GB left but it won’t allow you to create a file.

This may happens when you have installed Nginx Admin – cPanel nginx automated installer Plugin.

In this case you can follow the steps below for a quick fix,

Step 1.

Delete some files from the location,

tmpwatch -c 48 /tmp/nginx_client

Step 2.

Now create a new destination,

mkdir /var/nginx_client

Step 3.

Now  change the owner and  permissions by using the following commands,

chown nobody /var/nginx_client
chmod 700 /var/nginx_client

Step 4.

Just move the ngnix_client using below commands,

 mv /tmp/nginx_client /tmp/nginx_client-not
 ln -s /var/nginx_client /tmp/nginx_client

Step 5.

Restart ngnix,

service nginx restart

Step 6.

Now try access any of your websites.

Now you can see stuffs there,

ls -al /var/nginx_client/

Step 7.

Delete the rest of files,

rm -rf /tmp/nginx_client-not

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