Install MongoDB cPanel server


Install MongoDB cPanel server:   MongoDB is document-oriented database software. and it is classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON like documents with optional schemas. You can install MongoDB on [...]

Install MongoDB cPanel server2020-11-30T09:12:48+00:00

Lost WHMCS admin password


Lost WHMCS admin password: As you all know that disabling admin reset link on WHMCS is a recommended security measure. So most people have it disabled. In case if you lost [...]

Lost WHMCS admin password2020-11-26T12:49:21+00:00

How to Migrate Reseller account on cPanel server


How to Migrate Reseller account on cPanel server Here is the easiest way to migrate Reseller accounts on cPanel server First create list of accounts to be transferred using the following command cat /etc/trueuserowners | [...]

How to Migrate Reseller account on cPanel server2020-11-26T12:55:16+00:00

Migrating vm on Solusvm kvm


Migrating vm on Solusvm kvm: For transferring KVM virtual servers between nodes you can follow the steps mentioned below, Step 1. At first we need to find the correct LV [...]

Migrating vm on Solusvm kvm2020-11-26T12:55:29+00:00
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