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You can disable catch all email account from your cPanel. For that follow steps given below,

Just few words about catch all email account:

For most accounts you will have a default email account called catchall account. If any mail sent to the [email protected] it will go to catchall account if the account the email sent is not exist. This is an advantage and most times it may be a spam collector while you getting a lot of spam to all kinds of email addresses.

Steps for disabling default catch all account: 

Step 1.
Login to cPanel of your domain.
Step 2.
Click on the "mail" option
Step 3.
Now, click on the "Default address"
Step 4.
Then click on link "Set default Address"
Step 5.
Enter ":fail:" in the and click the "Change" button
 The “:fail:” is the recommended option, you can also set “:blackhole:” instead of “:fail:“.
 If you set :blackhole: sender will not receive any bounce email but if you set :fail:, they will receive bounce emailIf you want to remove all the mails from the default mail id, go to the location /home/username/mail/ and delete files in cur,new. Follow the link for more information

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