How to re-install MySQL in cPanel server:

You can re-install MySQL on cPanel server by following the method mentioned below,

Firstly you need to know the SQL rpms that were installed on your server. For that issue the following command,

rpm -qa | grep -i mysql

Then remove the needed MySQL rpms on the server using yum command. You can do that by referring the following yum commands.

yum remove MySQL55-shared-5.5.37-2.cp1136.x86_64
yum remove MySQL55-devel-5.5.37-2.cp1136.x86_64
yum remove MySQL55-client-5.5.37-2.cp1136.x86_64

After that remove the mysql pid file using the following command,

rm -f /var/lib/mysql/*.pid

At last you need to install cPanel compatible MySQL rpms, this can be done using a single command. See the command below,

/scripts/check_cpanel_rpms --fix

Now MySQL will be re-installed.

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