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Create email autoresponses cPanel:

You can create auto responses for your emails from cPanel.

The use of auto responses is to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a certain account.This is mainly useful when you are out of station or if you wish to sent a generic message for a support email address.

This can be done by using the steps below,

Step 1.

Log in to cPanel

Step 2.

Click on the mail icon from cPanel.

Step 3.

Now click on autoresponders.

Step 4.

For adding adding a new autoresponder, click on Add Autoresponder.

Step 5.

Now Enter the following,

The email address you wish to send the autoresponses from,

The name you wish the message to come from,

The subject of the autoresponse email,

The message in the respective fields.

Step 6.

If you wish the message to be displayed in HTML format, check the box next to HTML message.

Step 7.

Use the drop down box to select the character set you wish the autoresponse to appear in.

Step 8.

After that, click on Create/Modify to create the autoresponder.

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